Divine Healing Hands

Divine Healing Hands™ are Divine’s Soul Hands and carry Divine’s healing power to heal and transform every aspect of life.

Divine Healing Hands carry Divine Love, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Compassion and Divine Light. Divine Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Divine Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Divine Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. Divine Light heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind and body, and transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

Dr. and Master Sha: Divine Healing Hands

Why do Divine Healing Hands work?

"Why does a person become sick? Sickness is due to soul mind body blockages. Soul blockages are bad karma. Karma is the record of services from one’s previous lifetimes and this lifetime. Karma is divided into good karma and bad karma. Good karma is accumulated from one’s good service offered in all lifetimes, including love, care, compassion, sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, integrity, purity and more.


Bad karma is accumulated from the mistakes one has made in all lifetimes, including killing, harming, taking advantage of others, cheating, stealing, lying, and more. There is a karmic law in Heaven:


"Good service brings rewards. Bad service brings lessons."


When one has bad karma, one could learn lessons in any aspect of life, including health, relationships, finances, business, children and more.


The second cause of sickness is mind blockages, which include negative mind-sets, negative beliefs, negative attitudes, ego, attachments, and more. The third cause of sickness is body blockages, which are energy and matter blockages. In ancient spiritual teaching a human being has three internal treasures: jing qi shen. Jing is matter. Qi is vital energy or life force. Shen is soul. Jing qi shen is soul, mind and body. To remove soul mind body blockages is to remove blockages in jing qi shen. Soul mind body and jing qi shen are different ways to express the same thing. Jing qi shen is the ancient term. Soul mind body is the term of the Soul Light Era. On August 8, 2003 the Divine announced a new era, the Soul Light Era in Heaven. It is a universal era and will last for fifteen thousand years.


In one sentence: Divine Healing Hands remove soul mind body blockages, which are blockages in the jing qi shen of the body, for healing and rejuvenation, and remove soul mind body blockages in relationships, finances, children, intelligence, and more in order to transform every aspect of life."

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Divine Healing Hands: Experience Divine Power to Heal You, Animals, and Nature, and to Transform All Life, Heaven’s Library and Atria Books, 2012

Application of Divine Healing Hands


Divine Healing Hands Blessings are available for every aspect of your life. The main aspects are for your health, wellness and life transformation:


Spiritual body (soul body)

Mental body (negative mind-­sets,
negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, attachments, and more)

Emotional body (anger, depression, anxiety, worry, grief, sadness, fear, and more)

Physical body

Preventing sickness


Inner and outer beauty

Longevity and rejuvenation

Anti wrinkle

Anti cellulite

Weight loss

Body shape

Baby skin


Life Transformation

Relationships (e.g. to your supervisor, fellows, parents, children, partners, spouse, animals, etc)


Increasing intelligence

Finding your true love

Success to every aspect of life and more


Divine Healing Hands Blessings are available for every person including children, babies, seniors and pregnant woman. Your pets can also receive the blessings.


Honor fee: 50 Euro for 45 Minutes

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