Tao Calligraphy Meditation/Dan Tracing

What is Tao?

"Tao is the way. Tao is the source and creator of all things. Tao is emptiness and nothingness. Tao is the universal principles and laws. Tao can be not explained in words or comprehended by thought. Millions of people in history have searched for Tao, studied Tao, and practiced Tao, but only a very small number

of people in history have accomplished and reached the goal of Tao. Lao Zi’s classic, Tao Te Jing explains the profound wisdom of a few important sentences. From this wisdom the new divine sacred philosophy, wisdom, knowledge, and practices are revealed."

 Tao Normal and Reverse Creation

"Tao Normal and Reverse Creation is the most important divine sacred philosophy, wisdom, knowledge, and practices of the two kinds of creation. One kind is normal creation. The other is reverse creation. These two creations can guide all life, including a human being’s energy, vitality, stamina, healing,

prevention of sickness, rejuvenation, transformation of relationships and finances, enlightenment, scientific study, and all occupations, as well as all nature."

Tao Normal Creation

The process of normal creation is:

"Tao Sheng yi. Yi sheng er. Er sheng san. San sheng wan wu. Tao creates One. One creates Two. Two creates Three. Three creates all things. This direction is normal creation or shun sheng in Chinese. „Shun“ literally means normal. „Sheng“ means creation."


Tao Sheng Yi (Tao creates One)

"„Tao“ means the source of all universes-­ emptiness, nothingness, The Way of all life.

„Sheng“ means creates. „Yi“ means one. Therefore, „Tao sheng yi“ means Tao creates One. Tao creates countless universes. Countless universes are one. One is unity. In fact, we can think that Tao is One, One is Tao."


Yi Sheng Er (One creates Two)

"„Er“ means two. Therefore, „Yi sheng er“ means One creates Two. Two is Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth are yang and yin. A man and a woman have intercourse to produce a baby. Man is yang. Woman is yin. Mother Earth is yin. Heaven and Earth interconnect to produce new souls and to produce all things in all universes."


Er Sheng San (Two creates Three)

"„San“ means three. Therefore, „Er sheng san“ means Two creates Three. One plus Two is Three. Tao is One. Yang and Yin are two. Tao plus Yang and Yin (Heaven and Earth) are three."


San Sheng Wan Wu (Three creates all Things)

"„Wan“ means ten thousand. In Chinese, „ten thousand“ represent all or every. „Wu“ means thing. Therefore, „San sheng wan wu“ means Three creates all things. Three is Tao plus Yang and Yin."

Tao Reverse Creation

The process of reverse creation is:

"Wan wu gui san. San gui er. Er gui yi. Yi gui Tao.

All things return to Three. Three returns to Two. Two returns to One. One returns to Tao. This direction is reverse creation or ni sheng in Chinese. „Ni“ means reverse. „Sheng“ again means creation."

Tao Sheng Yi Calligraphy Meditation/Dan Tracing

Tao Sheng Yi is the first step of Tao Normal and Reverse Creation. The meditation in front of the Tao Sheng Yi Calligraphy can remove soul mind body blockages. Unlimited healing treasures within the Tao Sheng Yi Calligraphy can remove your soul mind body blockages beyond your imagination. Dan Tracing means to trace the calligraphy with your Dan. Your Dan is located below your

navel in your abdomen. Dan Tracing of Tao Soul Light Calligraphies is a very powerful healing method and can heal and transform all aspects of your life. Meditation is yin. Dan Tracing is yang. You receive the best and highest healing results when you combine Yin and Yang practices.

* Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao I: The Way of All Life, Heaven’s Library and Atria Books, 2010


* Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao II: The Way of Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality, Heaven’s Library and Atria Books, 2010

Application of Tao Calligraphy Meditation/Dan Tracing


Tao Calligraphy Writing is available for all aspects of your life e.g. for your health, wellness and life transformation:


Spiritual body (soul body)

Mental body (negative mind-­sets,
negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, attachments, and more)

Emotional body (anger, depression, anxiety, worry, grief, sadness, fear, and more)

Physical body

Preventing sickness


Inner and outer beauty

Longevity and rejuvenation

Anti wrinkle

Anti cellulite

Weight loss

Body shape

Baby skin


Life Transformation

Relationships (e.g. to your supervisor, fellows, parents, children, partners, spouse, animals, etc)


Increasing intelligence

Finding your true love

Success to every aspect of life and more


Every person can receive the healing and transformation power through the Tao Sheng Yi Calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy Meditation/Dan Tracing is available for every person including children, babies, seniors and pregnant woman.


Honor Fee: 50 Euro for 30 Minutes, 100 Euro for 60 Minutes