Soul Healing for Zu Qiao

What is Zu Qiao?

"The Zu Qiao is located inside the bone cavity behind the Yin tang acupuncture point, which is between your eyebrows. It is roughly the size of a cherry. The Zu Qiao is the key center for Mind Power, the potential power of the brain. As we know, we each have about 15 billion brain cells, but in our entire life, we typically use only 10 to 15 percent of them. The 85 to 90 percent of brain cells that we do not use remain dormant. They are also known as potential cells. Developing the potential cells of the brain is one of our major tasks of the twenty-first century. The Zu Qiao is the energy center that directly supports the development of the potential power of the brain."


Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Soul Mind Body Medicine:
A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality, New World Library, 2006.


Soul Healing for Zu Qiao is offered by a Tao Soul Light Calligraphy, Ren Di Tian Tao Zu Qiao He Yi (see picture). Ren means Human Being, Di means Mother Earth, Tian means Heaven, Tao means the way of all life, Zu Qiao means key center for mind power, He Yi means to join as one. The Calligraphy carries a very high frequency with countless treasures within. Your mind power and intelligence could be increased beyond your imagination.


Every person can receive the healing and transformation through this Soul Light Calligraphy.


Honor Fee: 50 Euro for 30 Minutes, 100 Euro for 60 Minutes

Application of Soul Healing for Zu Qiao:

  • to increase your intelligence and the intelligence of your children
  • before interviews
  • before tests and exams
  • for your work/profession
  • for your studies
  • for every aspect of your life