Tao Calligraphies

In Eastern Culture, Calligraphies are well known for their healing and meditative effects.

"Tao Soul Light Calligraphies carry permanent healing and blessing treasures. These treasures include:

  • countless saints in all layers of Heaven.
  • countless saints, saints’ animals, including Heaven’s dragons, phoenixes, horses, elephants, and many more.
  • countless soul treasures, including golden light balls, golden light pyramids, golden light pearls, and many more.
  • sun, moon, and Big Dipper, solar systems, galaxies, universes.
  • The Source Field.
  • unlimited blessings for healing and preventing sickness; transforming relationships and finances; increasing wisdom and intelligence; opening spiritual channels; enlightening soul, heart, mind, and body; bringing success to every aspect of life; purifying and rejuvenating soul, heart, mind, and body; prolonging life; and moving toward immortality."

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Sacred Source Power or Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity and Immortality, Heaven’s Library Publication Corp., 2015.

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